Our Story

We are 'The Social Alcohol Band' - a rock 'n roll cover band that originated in the Delta Tau Delta chapter room in Champaign, IL in the fall of 2013. Our initial intention of forming the group was to compete in the Frattle of the Bands hosted by KAM'S. As freshmen and sophomores, we were inspired by the Fourth 'n John's (former delt band) performances and knew it was something we wanted to be a part of. We played two shows at Frattle in 2013 and despite a controversial 2nd place finish, we had our first taste of what it was like to put on a rock show. We knew we wanted to continue playing music and the band stuck together. Since that faithful night at Kams, TSAB won Frattle of the Bands in 2014 and has played over 30 shows around campus at places like the Canopy Club, Red Lion, Joes, KAM's, Firehouse, High Dive, Memorial Stadium, as well as at other fraternities and off-campus houses. While much of TSAB has graduated from Illinois, we are now focusing on playing more shows in the suburbs and downtown Chicago. This isn't to say we will forget our Champaign roots so keep an eye out for TSAB playing a show on campus from time to time.

As far as our music goes, we play covers of other bands' songs. All of our members come from different musical backgrounds which allows our sets to contain many different styles and generations of music. Examples of our covers span from Tom Petty to Lou Bega, The Jackson 5 to Weezer, Billy Joel to The Strokes, Dave Mathews Band to Zac Brown Band, and everything in between. Keeping our band name in mind, we create our sets with the goal of putting on a stellar show for our audience - with high energy and phenomenal musicianship we have put on a lot of memorable shows over the last few years.

TSAB was originally founded by Dominic DeAngelis, Luke Luhrsen, Michael Leszczynski, Ernie Santeralli and Mike Cerami. After one year of playing together Cerami graduated which left us to find another drummer. We were lucky to have more musical talent within the Delt Fraternity and Jack Scanlon joined the band in the fall of 2014 and set the tempo until early 2015. Alex Panayiotou took over now sits behind the kit for us. Apart from our five core members, we frequently have other musicians join us on stage. These include our horn section - Conor Williams, Jack Mangan, Tyler Sierzega, and Charlie Manning, as well as  back up vocals/harmonies - Erica Horvatin when she's not too busy with the weather forecast. In addition to all of the musicians that make up the band, we have received a lot of help from Brian Cavanaugh, working with us to come up with song ideas, logos, posters, and designs - some of his work can be found on his Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/BrainLessDesign/?fref=ts. 

Now lets meet the band!

Luke Luhrsen - Main Vocals, Guitar, Tambourine, Harmonica, Melodica, Your Heart Strings

Dominic DeAngelis - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals, String Tickler

Ernie Santeralli - Rhythm Guitar, Keys, Backing Vocals
Michael Leszczynski - Bass, Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals, Banjo, Mustache

Alex Panayiotou - Drums, Backing Vocals