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The Social Alcohol Band Live at HVAC Pub

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HVAC Pub, 3530 N Clark Street, Chicago, IL

Hawaiian Shirts. Party Pants. Jack Mangan. Beers. Sounds. Movement. Madness.

We're going to cover 58.667 years of music in roughly 3 hours and it's gonna be silk.

The Social Alcohol Band Live

Fitz's Spare Keys, 119 N York St., Elmhurst, IL

Hey everyone! How's 2017 going? Cool. Us too. Yeah, you're right, it hasn't been too exciting so far, but it beats 2016 am I right?!?!

Well strap in, because TSAB is about to put the sweet sweet sounds of Rock AND Roll (usually you gotta pay double for that kind of action) into your ear canals. We're coming back to our suburban roots to drink and dance and rock and sweat and dance and drink and rock.

If you've never seen TSAB, here's your chance. If you have seen TSAB, here's a high five. We play famous songs that you've heard, and liked, and in some cases, forgotten. So allow us to help you remember through song, allow the bartenders to quench your thirst, and allow yourself to convince yourself that dancing outrageously and drinking 14 whiskey gingers is both terrific and responsible.

We start around 9:00 pm. We want to see you there. ♥ TSAB


HVAC Pub, 3530 North Clark Street, Chicago

TSAB is returning to Wrigleyville for some summer loving'. Come out to HVAC Pub on Saturday to hear all the songs we wrote that were then stolen and made famous by bands you've heard of. Band goes on at 8. Entry is 21+

The Social Alcohol Band

HVAC Pub, 3530 North Clark Street, Chicago

TSAB will be back in Wrigley for Mardi Gras weekend, come out to HVAC Pub on Saturday to hear all of your favorite songs from all of your favorite band's (who stole them from us). Band goes on at 9, drink deals from 9-12. Entry is 21+

The Social Alcohol Band

Fitz's Spare Keys, 119 North York Street, Elmhurst, IL 60126

TSAB coming at you live from Fitz's Spare Keys in Elmhurst on Saturday, December 18th at 9:30pm. Want to get drunk and hear some rock 'n roll and christmas music? Well, my friend, you are in luck because that's exactly what we are going to play. Entry is 21+


The Social Alcohol Band - Live!

Fitz's Spare Keys, 119 N York Street, Elmhurst 60126

TSAB is returning to Fit'z Spare Keys for our third show here, we love playing at Fitz's and they love hosting us, isn't that nice?!. It's a cool venue and their sound team always has us sounding top notch so come check us out.


The Social Alcohol Band - Live!

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Joe's Bar, 706 S 5th Street, Champaign, IL 61820

The Social Alcohol Band will be making, yet again, another triumphant return to Champaign for Illinois' Dad's Weekend. Come out to Joe's on Saturday night at 10pm to watch us make music and get down with friends, Dads, and strangers alike.


The Social Alcohol Band

Joes Brewery, Fifth Street, Champaign, IL

It's Homecoming at U of I and we are coming home to play some tunes for Champaign. Come watch us reminisce our glory days while you do the same.

"If you die fearing God and painfully employed, you will not go to heaven; you'll go to Champaign, Illinois."